Updated 7/11/18                        St.Libory Elementary

Kindergarten 2018-2019

Supply List

·       School bag (No wheels please)

·       3 boxes of crayons

·       2 boxes  of broad tip, washable, classic color markers

·       Scissors – “Friskers” brand seem to be the best quality

·       2 boxes of Yellow #2 pencils (Please do not send character pencils.  They do not sharpen correctly.)

·       Large pink eraser

·       1 bottle of Elmer’s white glue

·       30 glue sticks (This sounds excessive, but trust me it’s not.  We will be out by Christmas.)

·       Plastic school box (Please send the standard 8”X5” size, anything larger is too big.)

·       1 spiral notebook

·       2 pocket folders

·       1 roll of paper towels

·       2 black dry erase Expo markers

·       Washable water color paints

·       Paint shirt

·        Gym shoes (Velcro or slip on shoes are the best if your child cannot tie their own shoes.  Shoes must be non-marking.)

·       2 box of Kleenex